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BallBallSlime Remastered: Blood Moon Is A LittleBigPlanet 3 Based Quest That Is Heavily Inspired From The Rec Room Quest "Crescendo Of The Blood Moon" And The Castlevania Series. It Will Introduce An All New Combat System And New Weapons, Characters And More To Enjoy.

Story (WIP)Edit


Characters (WIP) Edit

  • BallBallSlime The Adventurous
  • Raidon20 The Dark One
  • Paperboy The Creation
  • Yellowhead The Pixelated
  • Meepdude The Mastermind
  • Mary The Schoolgirl
  • Tabbye The What The Hell Is This Creature
  • Zuel The Follower Lover
  • BallBallGirl The Investigator
  • Ao Oni The Blue Demon
  • Rupee The MadMan
  • TenTen The Dealbreaker
  • W_lker The Trick Or Treater
  • River The River
  • Colin The Strawberry Kid
  • M_anfam The Great With Weapons Guy
  • Terry The Doubler
  • CMaster The Rager
  • Pean The Marine
  • Default The Laser Man
  • Baguette The Melee Master
  • Baby Sackboy The Great
  • Little Penguin The Speedy
  • Martha The Flying Chemist
  • Baby Little Penguin The Speedy Hero
  • Baby Martha The Flying Scientist Hero
  • Shawn The Dodging
  • Max The Floaty
  • Nuclear The Demogirl

Characters You Vote For Or Part Of Special Updates Edit

  • Starworks The Epic Gamer Engineer - (Unlocked From Voting For A Wiki To Be Created On 12/24/18)
  • FishTheif - (Unlocked From The 'Character Selection Screen Poll' On 12/24/18, 10:36 PM)
  • Amaax- (LOCKED)
  • Toxic - (LOCKED)
  • Fallout - (LOCKED)
  • Erstlouis - (LOCKED)
  • Private - (LOCKED)
  • Green Eggs - (LOCKED)

Weapons (WIP) Edit

  • Whip
  • Shovel
  • Torch
  • Paintinator

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Colin The Strawberry Kid Fanart By Colin

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